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SINGAPORE, April 19, 2016 – The most prestigious award event for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2016 will return for the eighth year on 21-22 April 2016 at Laguna Bali Resort, Indonesia. This year, the organisers have incorporated a new dimension into the Global CSR Summit by co-locating a new event, The Global Good Governance Award.

The Global CSR Summit & Awards 2016 was started 8 years ago. The aim of having this event was for the purpose of creating a Global Standard Event to raise the awareness of CSR as well as to have a prestigious awards recognition event to honour outstanding individuals and companies around the world for their contributions in environment preservation, community transformation and poverty alleviation, women’s rights and welfare, workplace practices and product innovations in CSR.

Since then, the event has grown from strength to strength and attracted a strong following of over 200 global and regional companies globally that participated or followed the event. The Global CSR Summit & Awards has become known as a global brand known for raising cutting edge ideas and topics in matters of societal transformation, product innovations that change the world and controversial topics that aim to inspire bold ideas to drive large scale changes and improvements to the environment, people and the planet.

Melvin Chan, Founder of The Global CSR Summit & Awards commented: “The Global CSR Summit & Awards has withstood the test of time and is supported by respected companies from around the world including some of the Fortune 500 companies. The standards of this event have been raised higher to lead the practice in not accepting sponsorships from companies that want to submit their nominations for the awards. This sets us apart from all the other competing events in this space. Despite this, participation from Companies have remained strong which is a strong endorsement to the high moral ethics that this event holds.”

The theme driving this year’s event: “Thriving in the new normal in today’s globalised world” aims to address the very current and pressing issues facing the world today. The world has changed drastically since the last decade. Issues common in the CSR space such as the environment and ecology, people and societies, corporations and the economy have become even more challenging today. The state of environmental degradation has become more severe in many societies with dire repercussions to human lives and ecology locally and abroad.

The threat of global terrorism and the rise of extremist ideas have given rise to growing mistrust amongst societies. The impending slowdown of the global economy is creating additional pressure on corporations to maintain competitiveness and play a responsible role
in business. The “New Normal” commonly used to describe the state of today’s economy can also be depicted in the wider aspect of human lives.

Are humans losing the fight against climate change? Are governments and corporations doing too little, too late? On the other front, tremendous momentum has emerged in green energy, innovations in environment solutions as well as technological advances in big data that enables societies to better manage their resources. Such issues will be discussed and addressed by over 20 respected speakers at the event.

The prestigious Global CSR Awards 2016 and the Global Good Governance Awards will be held concurrently at the summit and will recognize the winners who have attained the pinnacle of achievements in the area of environment, community, product innovation, education, workplace, women’s rights, corporate governance and transparency.

One of the highlight of this event includes an eco-tour to the most scenic places in Bali including visiting some of the well-known CSR projects in Bali.

Contact: Nora Shikin

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