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Startup Junkie is proud to partner The Asia Pacific Food Security & Sustainability Summit to identify budding start ups in the Asia’s food industry to scale their business through our incubation programme to our network of businesses in the US market.

Our partnership and relationships are tied closely with the Walmart Ecosystem which includes 1,400 global brands like P&G, Unilever, FedEx, Tyson etc.  Through our eco-system, we have helped raised over USD420m to date.

We are looking for start-ups or companies at least in the Series B stage.  If you have a compelling business proposition, please register your application through the summit at  and submit your company profile to the event organiser: [email protected]

The conference registration will also entitle you access to the 2-day virtual conference proceedings and sponsors networking luncheon event.

Important Facts

➔ 20 accelerator cohorts since 2012 that recruited from around the world (Ark Challenge, ScaleUp, 270 Accelerator, Fuel, 10X).

◆ Selected for SBA funded US ScaleUp Accelerators – (only 11 have been completed nationwide)

➔ Over 120 early-stage investments by the SJ founders through Gravity Ventures, Tonic Fund, Cadron Creek, Cadron Capital Partners, ZillaCap Fund and direct.

➔ Up to a 50X return on investment on a cohort portfolio company.

➔ VC relationships – RZC, Tyson Ventures, New Road Capital Partners, Five Elms, Flyover Capital, KC Rise, DundeeVC, Rise of the Rest, Revolution Ventures, Ark Angel Alliance, New Day Ventures, and others.

➔ Asia Investment- K-Startup Grand Challenge cohort company investment – TPS Engage. (Due Diligence process with DamoGo.)

➔ Actively deal sourcing Korean and Asian startups for large enterprise introduction and investment.

➔ KPMG Partnership – Identify and introduce to KPMG at least five (5) emerging technology providers that could be potential alliance opportunities within the targeted focus areas defined by KPMG.

Upon confirmation of your conference application, we will review your proposition and arrange a virtual meeting during the virtual event or networking luncheon.

We do not accept direct submission of your proposals to us outside of the initial screening by the conference organiser.

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