Thoo Wee-Meng

Head Of Investments, TMT Sector, Leonie Hill Capital


Wee Meng manages Multi-Family Office backed VC and PE investments under the regulation of Monetary Authority Of Singapore (MAS), investing in Deep Tech disrupting and sustainable infrastructure and businesses where he advocates portfolio companies in Sustainability, Fighting Climate Change, Social Impact meeting Regulatory & Compliances. In addition, he has been an activist to Blockchain technologies like Tokenization of Digital Assets.

Before he turned a Fund Manager, Wee Meng held over 15 years of Operational Management Leadership roles in Global Tech firms like Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems/Oracle, VMware, Qatar Telecom/Oredoo, and in his last corporate capacity as the Chief Commercial Officer in NEC where he was instrumental setting up the Data
Center and Cloud Services business and steered the company to Profitability from its highly intensive CAPEX investment within 2 years of its inception