Robert (Bob) Nichol

Business Director – Asia Pacific, Innovad Asia

Bob has been involved with Company Boards / Owners to Farmers and Agricultural Universities contributing to safe, efficient, available cheap proteins in the Asia Pacific more than 25 years. Bob has worked on Poultry production farms has a background in Genetics, Animal Health, Welfare and has seen many positive industry changes across more than 25 years across Asia Pacific, advocating for the reduction of antibiotic resistance in society, while supporting available low-cost protein for the poor and an active participant in Agri-food-biotech sector.

Bob has developed multiple start-up companies that provide the animal food production industry with natural animal feed ingredients, supporting scientific animal trials and recently worked to launch an industry innovation a Bio-marker analytical method owned by Innovad Group in Asia. Now for the first time it is possible for Companies / Farmers to detect Mycotoxins in the blood of live Poultry and Pigs.

Innovad Group is dedicated to innovation, research, and development, of proprietary technology for sustainable effective solutions including a circular use by which waste food is used as a source of powerful natural antioxidants that can be used in animal feeds. Bob supports the regional strategy and expansion into Asia Pacific and is also a Mentor to students with @Advisory.SG.