Lim Hui Jie

CEO, VisionTech Pte Ltd

Hui Jie is an entrepreneur and technologist. At the age of 26, Hui Jie became one of the youngest Executive Directors of a London Listed Company. Hui Jie has sat on the Board of 3 listed companies and has successfully founded and listed his Company onto the Australia Stock Exchange in 2015, achieving a market valuation over USD$230million. Today Hui Jie focuses on building Humanity-Plus companies that uses Technology for the Betterment of the Human-Race. He is the Founder and Executive Director of VisionGroup an Innovation-As-AService technology group that implements Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity to future proof enterprises, specializing in the commerce, finance and egovernment sectors and bring their Vision to Reality. Hui Jie is also the Managing Partner of Baker Tilly Vision, a joint venture between Baker Tilly and Vision, focusing on digital transformation to better empower our clients to be future-proof and future-ready. Baker Tilly is an accounting and business advisory network represented by 126 member firms in 146 territories with more than 800 offices and 36,000 employees. As a technologist, Hui Jie has been in the technology space for more than 16 years yet have been passionate about technology all his life. Always passionate about not just the latest and newest technologies, Hui Jie is even more passionate about impactful technology. Technology that will impact and make a difference to the world. Innovation is always an ongoing exercise and innovating to make a difference is what Hui Jie is highly passionate about. In addition, Hui Jie is looking into bringing key innovations in technology to make a difference and impact in the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) space, as we might be the last generation that can stop climate change as well as be the first to suffer its impact. During his free time, Hui Jie does non-profit work, join various associations as well as speak on various topics revolving around technology and entrepreneurship.