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Tom Berry

Co-CEO and co-founder of Nutrition Technologies (NT)


Tom is the Co-CEO and co-founder of Nutrition Technologies (NT). An entrepreneur at heart, Tom has a diverse background, working in multiple different roles, all over the world.

Born and raised in the UK, after leaving university Tom joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and became an Officer in the British Army. Here he learnt fundamental leadership and management skills and went on to lead a combat unit in Afghanistan as a Captain. Following this, Tom moved to Sierra Leone in West Africa where he worked for the United Nations (UN), helping organise and manage development projects in a post-conflict environment. It was here he met his business partner and NT co-founder Nick, and became highly aware of key global issues such as the Protein Gap and need for more sustainable circular-economy orientated businesses.

After leaving the UN and prior to founding NT, Tom worked for the London-based merchant bank, Salamanca Group and risk consultancy firm, S-RM. During this time Tom was exposed to a range of high-risk investments and complex projects in frontier markets. Building on his military background, Tom harnessed his expertise in operational risk management, corporate finance and enterprise due diligence. During his time at S-RM, he setup their East Africa regional office in Addis Ababa and established a multi-million dollar pipeline.

Tom is highly motivated by changing the way the world feed’s itself and passionate about creating more sustainable ecosystems to address challenges both in the developed and developing world. He firmly believes that the integration of insects in our global food supply chain has the ability to do this, and that the answer to most of our problems, lies in nature.