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Yuki Hanyu

Founder and CEO, Integriculture Inc


Yuki Hanyu (Ph.D in chemistry, University of Oxford, 2010), after working as a research scientist in Tohoku University and Toshiba R&D Center, founded in 2014 the “Shojinmeat Project”, the world’s first citizen science community for DIY open-source cell-cultured meat. It spun off a startup, IntegriCulture Inc., in 2017 and a non-profit, Cellular Agriculture Institute of the Commons in 2019.

Shojinmeat Project develops DIY cell-based meat, engages in public communications and nurtures decisionmakers. The non-profit engages in rulemaking activities with regulators and policymakers. The startup, IntegriCulture Inc. offers its general-purpose large-scale cell culture system (CulNet System) to the food and non-food sectors. IntegriCulture Inc in partnership with the CulNet System users aims to develop cell-cultured meat, cell-cultured cosmetics, leather, fur, nutraceuticals and transplantable organs. The company also develops cell-cultured cosmetics (launched in Apr.2021) and foie gras (launching in Dec.2021).