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Summit Overview

Nations around the world are working hard to get a grip on the COVID 19 pandemic that had created severe disruptions to livelihoods and wreaking havoc to the global economy for the past 2 years.  Lockdowns have had a huge impact the global food system and governments and businesses have been working hard on removing the bottlenecks and solving the vulnerabilities in the global food chain.  To make matters worse, climate change had contributed to increased unpredictability and upheavals in weather conditions, leading to devastating outcomes in livestock and crop production.

As we enter 2022, with countries pushing towards recovery, old problems remained.  Global hunger increased by an estimated 118 million people worldwide, resulting in about 768 million starving people to the statistic.  The number of people living with food insecurity surged by 318 million to 2.38 billion.  Against this backdrop, two significant challenges have emerged.  For one, food inflation caused by increased demand and global supply chain issues.  The other problem is the scarcity of fertilisers resulting in the rise in their prices.  Such issues compound the already challenging food security situation the world is facing.

The silver lining is that humanity is not sitting still.  Already, tremendous progress has been made on the latest technological advancements in automation, digitalization, machine learning and IoT to accelerate the solutions needed for humankind.  It is in times of calamities that man’s fullest potential is reached.  In the current phase of Industry 4.0, the combination of cyber physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems make smart urban farming and artificial food production a reality, mitigating the effects of climate change with the potential to solving the problems of food shortages if these technologies are sufficiently brought to scale.

It is time for the world to speed up the process of innovation for food security to lightspeed.  We are witnessing huge leaps in technological advancements that were once deemed too farfetched to be realized only in sci-fi movies.  These advancements include lab grown proteins, alternative proteins, nanotechnology in food production and a multi diversity of scientific disciplines all coming together in creating a future proof food system for humanity.

The 2nd Global Food Security & Sustainability Summit 2022 held on the 30 June to 1 July 2022, would be one of the most important events ever held to address the critical issues of food security from the local level to the global level, and from an interdisciplinary and systemic food systems perspective. The event will also showcase the latest technological innovations driving food production that will become a game changer for the food sector.  The summit will invite multi stakeholders from governmental organisations, private sector businesses and NGOs to address the current disruptions and possible solutions on the world food supply chain.  Discussions will also include issues surrounding sustainability issues and how societies and businesses can design more sustainable solutions in their entire food chain to minimize impact to the environment and reduce food waste.  The event will also devote sufficient attention to the future of nutrition in these exciting times.

See you at this landmark event.

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Key Topics

1) Revolutionising global food systems to tackle our food and climate crises.

2) Turning a climate crisis into a sustainable food solution.

3) Investing in climate solutions for sustainable agri-food systems.

4) Scaling up the production of alternative proteins and accelerating the commercialisation of sustainable foods in Asia.

5) Sustainable agriculture in a post-Covid 19 world – How can technology, innovation, and collaboration support food for all?

6) The strategy of farm to fork and food se

7) Transforming sustainable food systems in a changing climate: lessons from the past and directions for the future.

8) The role of corporations – Partnering with farmers towards sustainable Agriculture.

9) Circular economy for a sustainable agri-food supply chain: A review of current trends and future pathways.

10) Carbon economics: Transitioning to a climate-positive food future.

11) Building sustainable, healthier, and more equitable food systems.

12) Beyond sustainability: Transitioning from traditional agriculture to regenerative food systems.

1) Accelerating the use of robotics in the food sector – Challenges and opportunities.

2) Advancements in food packaging.

3) Industrial 4.0 – Are we entering a technology renaissance in the food industry.

4) Leveraging on Blockchain technology for food traceability and food chain resilience.

5) Accelerating and mass scaling high tech land based agri and aqua culture – Latest developments in technology and possibilities.

1) The future of nutrition – Will the future of nutrition favour a more plant based diet?

2) Understanding novel foods, the benefits and risks and what it means to move from animal food protein to plant based protein.

3) The prospects of insect and hydroponic farming in boosting food security and the circular economy.

4) Insect Proteins – Fad or panacea? Ways to increase acceptability.

5) The future of cell based protein – The opportunities and difficulties faced.

6) Cellular agriculture – How far can we push the frontier of science.

1) How to reduce food waste by improving circularity?

2) Achieving global food security with nanotechnology.

3) Applications of nanotechnology in food production.

4) Food waste as a resource – Transforming food waste to fuel and useful products

1) What happened to the global food chain in 2021? – How did countries effectively navigate their food supply chain disruptions.

2) Redesigning food systems – Utilising digitalisation and data driven solutions to create smarter food systems.

3) Localising food systems – The future of food systems and how current supply chain could be redesigned.

APEC Letter of Support
Minister's Address
Senior Minister Of State For Sustainability And The Environment And Manpower
Board of Advisors
Co Chair for Sustainable Development in Agriculture & Fishery Sectors – APEC Policy Partnership on Food Security/ CEO Asia, Assentoft Aqua Asia
General Manager, Delta Electronics International (Singapore)
The Michael Fam Chair Professor and Director of NTU Food Science and Technology Programme . Co-Director, Future Ready Food Safety Hub @ NTU. Consultant, Asian Development Bank
Co-Founder & CEO, Sophie’s BioNutrients Pte, Ltd (Singapore)
Head Of Investments, TMT Sector, Leonie Hill Capital
Senior Director, Food & Consumer at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore
Acting Managing Director, GFI Asia Pacific
Chairman, v2food. Partner, Main Sequence Ventures
Co-founder and COO, AquaEasy Pte. Ltd
Founder & CEO, CRUST Group
CEO & Founder, v2food
Initiator of Nutritional Paradox & CEO and Co-founder of WhatIF Foods
CTO & Co-founder of Shiok Meats 
Founder & CEO of Umami Meats
Independent Futurist, Strategist & Future Food Systems Advocate, Singapore Futures Fellow, Lee Kuan Yew School Executive Education programme
CEO and Group Director, The Boralis Group
Senior Vice President, Agri-food and Retail Sector Coverage Lead of Mizuho
Head of Agribusiness & Animal Protein of United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)’s Sector Solutions Group (Group Wholesale Banking Division)
Executive Director, AgFunder Asia & GROW Accelerator
Business Director – Asia Pacific, Innovad Asia
Co-Founder and CEO, SGProtein
CFO, Nutrition Technologies
Program Manager for the Food Technology Accelerator Programs, Brinc
Managing Director and Co-founder, The Yield Lab Asia Pacific Fund
Co-Chief Executive Officer, Nutrition Technologies
President and CEO, Triton Algae Innovations Ltd
Co-Founder and CEO , Vertical Oceans
Founder and CEO, Heron Farms
Executive Vice President, TurtleTree
Vice President, Bayer AG
Founder & CEO, Protenga
Managing Director, INNOVATE 360
Managing Director, NIE International Pte. Ltd
Managing Director, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, Deloitte Financial Advisory SEA
Managing Director, Spacebelt
CEO, VisionTech Pte Ltd
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